The Grinch - Christmas die cut

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The Grinch - Christmas die cut

Anyone have a Grinch in their house? I do!  Grab this cute die cut for that Grinch...or for your trip to Universal... lots of great things to scrapbook with this! 

I personally create, cut and assemble each and every piece from photo and archival safe products. Your items will come to you fully assembled and ready to place on your page. I will pack each and every piece individually for protection from elements and they will be mailed in a hard photo mailer envelope. 

You may notice that I do not list sizes for the items as I can often reduce or enlarge if needed. As a general idea, I normally stay within the 4x6 and 5x7 ranges. Some are longer and thinner to go across a page more completely. If you want specifics, please feel free to send me a message. If you simply order the pieces, I will make them in the "default" size that I used for the sample. 

Colors can also be changed if needed.   

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