Here at the Dancing Daisy, I am proud to offer custom made items for everyone.  If your question is not answered below, please feel free to send an email to me at

For tumblers, there is a heading for "made to order" and "ready to ship" options.  As it states, Ready to Ship means they are completed tumblers in my inventory that will leave in 1-3 days.  They are no longer customizable and sold as is. 

Made to Order items are items that will be created upon ordering.  Tumblers take approximately 4-5 weeks for completion and mailing.  The ones under that heading are "order them as you see them" - meaning you will need to read the caption to see if they are customizable or if they are something I recreate as you see on the listing.  If you want something custom, or have questions, please email    Customized items often come with an additional cost and is the reason why the website items are "order as you see them". 


What you see on each listing are merely "sample images". 

At any given time, I carry 500-700 different patterned vinyl options.  As such, I ask that you attach a note to your order regarding the color / pattern styles you like.  I can email you to offer you options, or if you are specific enough (Ie: blue paisley, red polka dot) I can just complete the order.  Also please note any wording you may want on the keychain.  

To leave order notes, you MUST view the cart - in the cart, there is an option to leave a note - click that and a box will pop up to type in. 

If no notes are left, I will make a "crafter's choice" item and will send that to you.  

Keychain orders take 3-5 weeks on average depending on the volume of business I have at the time. 

Badge Reels: Same "rules" as keychains

Cancellation Policy - Due to the custom nature of my items, I do not offer cancellations, exchanges, refunds or returns on any orders.